So I’ve covered some of the very basics of astrology with you before, but this week we’re having to jump straight to some serious advanced level stuff to read what the skies are throwing at us.  Even with all of the millennia of accumulated wisdom, there is still some ambiguity with the principal sign this week because of two principal actors:  Saturn is a butthole, and retrograde motion is a jerk.  So we’ve got Venus-Mars-Saturn retrograde with that last component signifying “beginning” or “really bad ending.”  Now, we haven’t really talked much about angular considerations, but with this alignment we have Jupiter-Sol en tierce which excludes such interpretations as “the birth of twins” or the like.  With that modification, the sign is either “Marriage,” or “Divorce the likes of which The Tudors would consider a bit extreme.”  But whose?  None of the planets are in Leo, so not a royal.  Virgo, Capricorn, and Libra are all indicated in the “who”  and Sagittarius in the “where.”  A double-Virgo points to the more notable party being a woman.

While we’re waiting for that, we have the earth lining up with Mercury and Venus with the sun in opposition, which means it’s an auspicious time for drinking, carousing, gambling, and/or expanding your sexual horizons.  This is confirmed by the moon being in Aries.

Virgo loses their ultra-uber status this week as they’re unable to hold on to two planet, but they maintain Mars.  Expect more conflict this week, but you’ll be successful in it.  There is going to be relationship stress (maybe from following the advice in the previous paragraph?) as the conflict between Libra and Mercury gets filtered through Venus.  And of course, I already mentioned the moon in Aries.  Full Moons?  Goats?  Do I really have to spell this out for you ?

Virgo: 6 of Cups reversed – Renewal, the future coming to pass

Libra:  The Emperor reversed – Benevolence, compassion, credit, immaturity, obstruction, confusion to enemies

Scorpio:  2 of Wands – Riches, fortune, magnificence, physical suffering, disease, mortification

Sagittarius:  7 of Cups reversed – Desire, will, determination, project

Capricorn:  10 of Coins reversed – Chance, loss, robbery, pension, games of hazard, a gift

Aquarius:  6 of Coins – Presents, gifts, gratification

Pisces:  The High Priestess reversed – Passion, moral or physical ardor, surface knowledge, conceit.

Aries:  8 0f Coins – Work, employment, craftsmanship, commission, skill in such matters

Taurus:  Knight of Coins – Utility, interest, rectitude, responsibility

Gemini:  The Devil – Ravage, violence, force, vehemence, extraordinary efforts

Cancer:  Queen of Wands – Dark woman or countrywoman, chaste, honorable, loving

Leo:  4 of Swords – Vigilance, retreat, solitude, tomb