Fall is coming early, and for some reason I sleep poorly during seasonal changes.  Coupled with some effing robocaller sending me calls at 04:30 and I’m fairly well zonked.  Thank goodness for three day weekends.

The signs this week are for zaniness, higgledy-piggledy and downright shenanigans.  When Mercury and the moon line up with the sun, chaos is let loose upon the world.  Fortunately Mercury is moving directly so we’re not expecting malice.  This interpretation is further buttressed by the second involving the sun, to wit:  Venus and the Earth.  When you’ve got love and home added to the mix like that, it really calls for one thing:  put a nylon tarp on the trampoline, and make a date with your lover and a bottle of baby oil.

So, Virgo:

You’ve pulled off the quinella.  All the inner planets are belong to you.  Everyone else can now hate you for a week or so, and demand some astrological redistribution.  So make the most of it — do SOMETHING for heaven’s sake!  Love, war, travel by water, travel by air, pretty much the only two things you won’t have auspicious signs for are governing and harvesting.  So tax collectors can fuck right off.  More than normal I mean.  Sagittarius retains the king of the planets in its corner, so everyone else needs to play things straight, especially with Virgos running around a-whoopin and a-hollerin’.

The cards say that everything going to start off great then BAM! something really bad happens and the rest of the week is shit.  I really hate draws like this when there’s an impending disaster in the news, because that gives the whole game away.

Virgo:  5 of Coins –  Material trouble, lovers, concordance, affinities.

Libra: King of Coins – Valor, realizing intelligence, business and intellectual aptitude.

Scorpio:  The Devil – Rage, violence, extraordinary efforts, that which is predestined

Sagittarius:  Ace of Wands – Creation, invention, enterprise, principle, beginning source, birth, family, origin

Capricorn:  6 of Cups – Happy memories, the past

Aquarius:  The Fool reversed – Negligence, carelessness, apathy, absence, nullity, vanity

Pisces:  Queen of Swords reversed – Malice, bigotry, artifice, prudery, deceit

Aries:  The Tower – Misery, distress, ruin, indigence, adversity, calamity, disgrace, deception, and a whole lot of other bad stuff.

Taurus:  Ace of Cups reversed – False heart, mutation, instability, revolution

Gemini:  3 of Cups reversed – Expedition, dispatch, achievement, end

Cancer:  10 of Swords reversed – Advantage profit, success, favor — but all of these are temporary.  Power and authority at the expense of others.

Leo:  4 of Wands reversed – Increase, beauty, embellishment, felicity