Everything is really coming up Brett today. First, I scheduled the Uber to the airport about 20 minutes later than I really should have, but it turns out that at 5am you can make the drive to the airport in under 30 minutes without speeding (more than usual). I was expecting more like 45. The desk guy at the hotel we always stay at recognized me and got my room cleaned first, so I was in way early, and then I found a sixer of Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest at the drug store on my way back from lunch. Now I should probably do some work.

Damn, but they rolled this ship good. I’m surprised it was able to get fully 90 degrees tilted, and also, it appears to be pretty high in the water. Maybe they had to blow a lot of ballast to get out of the port?

These whiners. Listen, you don’t lose 59-10 because the coach called the wrong plays.

“Uh, hello, airplanes? It’s blimps calling, you win.” Now with TOTALLY NON-FLAMMABLE helium.