Not photographed: a Nebraska defender within 10 yards of the play

Damn you, Mack Brown.  Kick the extra point. KICK THE FUCKING EXTRA POINT AND TAKE YOUR CHANCES IN OVERTIME!!!!! Elsewhere, Bama cruised, TTUN won their rivalry game, Minnesoooooda has rowed to boat to 4-0 (but both them and Michigan State stay behind aTm in the polls after they powered themselves to a close win over juggernaut Arkansas), USC (West) continues to disappoint, and Ohio State curb-stomped the shit out of Nebraska. And that was just on Saturday!  On Sunday, the Browns actually looked good, the Patriots continue to get every break in the world, the Chefs escaped Detroit, and the Saints-Cowboys played an entertaining game.

The MLB Playoffs are set, with the NL Wild Card game coming tomorrow and the AL version on Wednesday. My predictions: the Brewers and Athletics will win. Once that happens or doesn’t, I’ll lay out my divisional picks. Not that anybody cares.

Why the long face, Eric? Its your birthday!

Underrated actor Eric Stoltz was born on this day. He shares it with such luminaries as: band leader Buddy Rich, flamboyant writer Truman Capote, brilliant author Elie Wiesel, annoying actress Fran Drescher, and a person who allegedly makes music named Trey Anastasio.

That’s it. That’s the whole list today. And it sucked.  Step up your game, September 30th. And start with what we hope is an enjoyable installment of…the links!

Fuck you, MTA! I’ll smile at whoever I want!

You like the First Amendment? Well that’s a shame if you live in New York City. Seriously, they can go eat a bag of dicks.  Not one dick. Not two dicks. But an entire plastic, single-use 55 gallon trash bag filed to overflowing with dicks. And then they can eat some more.

Looks like this impeachment circus train is heading further down the tracks. And Trump isn’t slowing it down when he retweets things like this. But in all honesty, he might be right. This could unravel the whole deal.

This guy appears to have handled just about everything right.  Which is probably why he’s being charged.  The only mistake he made was in not just having his wife call 911 right after they got off the phone with their lawyer. Interesting to see how this plays out.

“Uh, yeah. This should have been expected,” said every single person in the world who has a basic understanding of economics.

Maybe you should have grown up and taken some marketing classes, huh? I’d also considered saying “Nothing lasts forever”.

Which one is a nuisance?

And here is a follow-up to my link from the other day about people putting boulders on San Francisco streets to deter “urban campers”. Bless her heart.

I’m finally switching genres for those of you who (wrongfully) hate the 80’s new wave/punk/pop stuff. But I reserve the right to go back to the well if I get a bunch of shit about it.  Also, the keyboards in this are amazing.