New OC “Billy” was unable to engineer a successful final drive

Who was calling plays for the Browns last night? I mean, seriously WTF?  I’m no Browns fan, by the way.  The Rams defense is solid, fwiw.  Elsewhere in the league, Buffalo stuck around long enough to let the Bungles do what they do. The Steelers can put a fork in this season. (And those two play each other next week!) Dallas cruised, Green Bay added to Denver’s misery. Indy beat Atlanta. KC beat the Ravens in a preview of a playoff game. Minnesota thumped Oakland. New England did what they do. New Orleans got a gutsy win. And the Giants, Texans, Lions and Panthers all won.

15 in a row!!!

Across the pond, Liverpool beat Chelsea to remain perfect on the season and maintain a 5 point lead. ManUre are in a freefall. And Leicester City are for real. And on Saturday, TTUN were embarrassed on national TV. And it was beautiful.

Kublai Khan was born on this day.  That’s pretty solid.  Oh, so were: suffragist Victoria Woodhull, “Typhoid Mary” Mary Mallon, actor Mickey Rooney, jazz legend John Coltrane, soul legend Ray Charles,  rock musician Bruce Springsteen, and actor Jason Alexander.

OK, now we get to…the links!

She learned a valuable lesson at school that day, I assure you.

To Protect And Serve…and handcuff six year olds when they act up in school.

Antonio Brown says he’s done with the NFL.  After that tweet storm yesterday, I’d be willing to bet every owner agrees with him.

That’s certainly one way to spin this story. Now go ahead and play the clip where the then-VP describes his extortion in exhaustive detail.  Oh boy, this one is starting to look more and more like the Trump team set a trap and the media and Team Blue fell right into it.  And I bet Rudy Giuliani won’t be getting invited to any more tv shows on the networks in the near future.

In the latest installment of “no good deed goes unpunished”, we visit Connecticut.

Why do I get the feeling taxpayers are gonna pay a lot for what she did?

The trial of an ex-Dallas cop who shot her neighbor dead begins today. The prosecution seems pretty excited about prosecuting this one, so expect her to go down.

And President Trump and Indian PM Modi did something nobody else in Houston seems able to do: fill a football stadium. (Insert “patrons of convenience stores and hotels across the area were unable to complete their transactions for the whole day” joke here.)

This is what the world needs more of.

Now go enjoy the day, friends!