Here’s another week’s snark from the peanut gallery as to who’s too big for their britches in the NCAA game as it is assessed and ranked and reported.

Speaking briefly of galleries instead of team rankings, we wish to note that BYU this week played in front of their fifth largest crowd ever:  92,000.  We don’t wish to note that they won, taking the Vols to 0 – 2 on the year, but we do note that (our) coach Jeremy Pruitt will make $3.8M this year all the while UT continues to pay former coach Butch Jones $2.4M per year net of the fabulous $35k he was raking in last year as an analyst at Bama.

Ranking college football teams remains contentious stuff.  Last week I had a fresh slate of opinions, and now there are results; let’s take a look!

Week Two Most OverRated Football Program Results

1        Iowa St            our new king simply spent the weekend napping

2        Florida             stomped accounting powerhouse UT Martin

3        Utah                bested Northern Illinois exactly by the margin expected

3        Syracuse         lost to Maryland by over forty 

5        Texas               lost to LSU but only to the degree we expected

5        Michigan St    sent Western Michigan crying back to western Michigan

5        Georgia           blasted nationally ranked normal school Murray State

8        UCF                punked local directional patsy Florida Atlantic

9        Notre Dame     rested up since big bad New Mexico is coming to town soon

9        Texas A&M    lost to Clemson by the margin expected

9        Auburn            washed over Tulane

12        Stanford         lost by 25 to USC

12        Clemson          see Texas A&M

12        Oklahoma        destroyed doctor and lawyer mill South Dakota

12        Oregon                        owned Nevada

Off topic:  Michigan wasn’t necessarily over-rated, so I didn’t have an opinion on them, but they notably underperformed by a baker’s dozen by edging Army by only 3.  Washington was obviously over-ranked, but I completely failed to notice and so get zero credit for their loss to Cal at home.

I’m going to call Syracuse and Stanford my first hides on the wall for the year:  their deep humiliations prove they had no business being ranked whatsoever.  I’m also going to reclass Washington State from last week from a blown call to a small win because they were downgraded seriously (thanks:  forget who pointed that out) after my call, so I really wasn’t wrong to call them over-ranked; it’s a spike, not the sort of buck one would have mounted, but the meat is going in the freezer nonetheless.

No Longer OverRated Because I was Wrong

nothing new this week

LSU from last week

Okay, the pollsters saw those games, so they have new opinions . . .  so I have new opinions:


Week N + 1 Most OverRated Football Program Results

1        Utah                  is skyrocketing in the vacuum just because they haven’t lost

2        Florida             is also buoyed in the over-ratedness by the national blandness

3        Notre Dame    has a great schedule that will tell much

4        Auburn            getting that undeserved SEC love?

5        Boise St         joins my list of the damned

5        Oregon             will play Washington St, U Wash, and USC this year

7        Texas               their stock is getting much closer to right after the loss

8        Georgia           continues over-loved at least a little

8        Clemson          can’t be tested if they don’t play anybody

8        Oklahoma        will play the Horns, but nobody else that matters


Iowa State fell completely out of the ratings, so I’ll take that as another tepid told-ya-so.

Texas A&M fell four spots and is no longer over-rated, another good call.

UCF seems to be on their way and maybe wasn’t over-rated; I’ll accept the miss on this one.

Michigan State is cooking along, so I’ll take this as another miss.

Score YTD4 to 3 with 10 opinions outstanding

I’ll continue to have opinions (shock!) and will heckle the AP poll in particular.  Eventually the committee over at the College Football Playoff will start to publish their rankings, and we’ll then switch to heckling them.

So closes another week.



Disclosure of sources of bias:  your writer has attended the University of Tennessee, Memphis State and the University of Memphis, Christian Brothers College . . . and he sleeps with an alumna of Georgia whose parents met at Washington State . . . and his son went to Houston . . . and he particularly hates Notre Dame, UCF, and Clemson.