While Indiana was getting reamed, nothing else happened in the NCAA!

Few tilts have spoken to us at this point; conference play has only been hinted at, and, frankly, it’s still hot as hell and hard to believe anyone is padding up for scrimmage already.  That said, we have results from another week . . . but, sadly, no news whatsoever.


Week Three Most OverRated Football Program Results

1        Utah                annihilated who-knew-there-was-an Idaho State

2        Florida             escaped a solid Kentucky with a fourth quarter resurgence

3        Notre Dame     flexed their way past New Mexico

4        Auburn            curb-stomped Joe Walsh (the rocker) alma mater Kent State

5        Boise St           galloped past alphabet people’s studies heavyweight Portland State

5        Oregon             mauled the Montana Grizzlies

7        Texas               beat Rice for the 70th or 80th time

8        Georgia           bravely blanked the Fighting Osteopaths of Arkansas State

8        Clemson          took it to formerly over-rated Syracuse

8        Oklahoma        handled winless UCLA

So there’s just nothing in the way of take-downs to high five anyone over.

Off topic:  Penn State almost got shown up at home by Pitt.

Not rated and not worth mentioning:  The University of Tennessee bulldozed an University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, but no copyrighting was attempted.  Reportedly, 1996 third round 49er draft pick Terrell Owens watched every snap over popcorn.


So we await next Saturday’s scrums with few changes to the OverRated other than the odd addition.


Week N + 1 Most OverRated Football Programs

1          Utah           must run a gauntlet of 20-ish rated PAC8, 10, or 12 teams

2          Cal             same as Utah, must endure hellish, SEC-like conference; welcome!

3          Iowa          escaped the Cyclones; welcome to our list, latest national sweetheart

4          Washington St re-enters the list; Houston was much tighter than the score shows

5          Florida        may live up to their vaunted spot . . . but has not yet

5          Notre Dame     must put up or shut up at Athens; somebody’s gotta lose that game

5          UCF            might well run the tables and get to a very nice bowl

5          Georgia       would be humiliated by a loss to the Irish ‘twixt the hedges

9          Clemson      can only screw up; anything shy of perfection is unacceptable

9          Oklahoma     is solid and should have a thoroughly nice season

11        Oregon          PAC10 anybody as the best cage match this fall anywhere?

11        Auburn          starts a grueling, PAC8-worthy loop through neighbors and cousins

11        Boise St        can’t fail in the regular season unless they lay an egg somewhere

14        Texas           has a comfy few weeks until the Red River rivalry resumes

Year to Date Hides on the Wall Ratings

1          Stanford          was revealed by USC

2          Syracuse          was unranked after Maryland

3          Iowa State       was dethroned before their decent showing against Iowa

4          Texas               probably over-paid for losing to titan LSU

4          Texas A&M    probably over-paid for losing to titan Clemson

4          Florida             was ranked down after silly pre-season enthusiasm (but are back up now!)

Year to Date It-Would-Seem Blown Calls Because They’re Doing Okay

1          LSU

2          UCF

3          Michigan

4          Washington State . . . but we get another bite at this apple !


So closes another week.


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Disclosure of sources of bias:  your writer has attended the University of Tennessee, Memphis State and the University of Memphis, Christian Brothers College . . . and he sleeps with an alumna of Georgia whose parents met at Washington State . . . and his son went to Houston . . . and he never met anyone from TCU he didn’t like . . . and he irrationally hates Notre Dame, UCF, Clemson, and Notre Dame.