Bullhead City AZ

Ten days into a multi week layoff and I was getting really bored, and decided to do a diorama, with the barest needs, as I was staying at the Daughter’s house, and things can get messy.

The Kit.


Just about everything you need to build a basic landscape, it’s a great buy for the young ones, and and a nice add-on for us old guys/gals.


I watched a video from Mel the terrain tutor, here’s one: https://youtu.be/uBiMry45qhM

Mel Bose taught me just about everything I know, anyway….


HaHa! it seems there is still a lot of work even though you are working with three colors, which is actually those colors plus black and white for tinting. Let’s begin with a basic wall, and throw some color on it.


That brown is pretty weak, but let’s see what we can do.


Better, let’s continue.

The scenario: SW desert, USA , a known set of American Indian petroglyphs that can be accessed by canoe in the Spring, so Road Trip!



Where is everyone? the model needed the canoes early but the very expensive people could wait til later, next we did some waterfalls and moss, tedious painting and waterworks, but the moss colored paint ended up as a complimentary color for the main wall, coup!



After a lot of tricks and fun, I came up with this:


And to add a bit of whitewater, and the finished product:


I wasn’t happy at first, I never am, but painting and tweaking the idea, I usually come up with some thing nice, enjoy!

PS: there are some petroglyphs, find em all!


Wanna play?

It’s pretty simple, and you can go from a window decoration to a full sized wargaming table with the same recipes, and even make money. 

I’m going to do a dragon on a pile of gold next, and a duck pond, just because, try one!

OH Yeah.

Notice I don’t tell you how I do this? That’s for you, or Magic, whatever.