I was going to treat you all to another episode of my Guide to Insufferable Politeness, but I’m too angry and frustrated to write about being polite.

I’ve been trying since 29 July to get one small thing done for my MIL and her healthcare.

We need a tracking referral with authorization number from Mom’s soon-to-be former primary care doc so she can see the retinal specialist here and not have to self-pay each time (which isn’t being reimbursed).

Can we get it sent?


I’ve sent 4 faxes on the appropriate form. The eye doc’s office has sent 3. OMWC’s sister was in Florida and WENT AND FILLED OUT THE PAPERWORK AT THE OFFICE, WHERE THE STAFF KNOWS HER.

Has it been sent? Nope.

Tomorrow I will be invoking attorneys, and my attorney has actually killed people.