Alright so for those of you that decided today was not a day to watch football…I am not included in this. I’ll be quick.

This weeks coming attractions!

Monday:  Morning Links, Midday by Animal, Afternoon Links, and maybe an evening post.  I dunno, we’re competing with Monday Night Football.

Tuesday:  Morning Links, Midday by Tonio, Afternoon Links

Sugarfree. Now here’s a guy that…um…sorry….It’s been a while since I got a boner…

Wednesday:  Morning Links, Sugarfree’s family funhouse, Afternoon links, Evening crossword by Don Escaped Texas.

Thursday:  Now it gets murky.  I can guarantee morning and afternoon links.  You might get an SNP, or something.  You know Kindsbury.  If you didn’t play this “secret offense” bullshit and actually ran a few reps during preseason…your quarterback might not be sacked by his own right tackle?  Just throwing that out there. So SNP…I don’t control that.

Friday:  Even murkier.  You’ll get links.  You’ll get ZARDOZ, STEVE SMITH, or Winston’s Mom or something. Dangit!  Wide open!?  This is DETROIT,  you are getting owned by DETROIT.

Oh nice.  Fitz’s streak:  continues!