Summer FINALLY seems to show some signs of breaking here, and a good thing since we were about to start driving through a mall to beat the heat. I’m employed again, and I want to give a shout-out to all you folks who were so supportive and especially a couple of guys who really went the extra mile, Animal and Yusef. Y’all are the best. Every day is still a Mom adventure, but it beats the alternative. And what promises to be one of the best games of the year will be starting in a few hours- SP and I are preparing the alcohol.

Birthdays today include a guy whose brilliance let him beat the class system; a guy who was typecast, but did it well; a great cartoonist who ought to be better known; a famous but sad woman with a sad story; and a woman with a runaway success story.

The news is next.


I’m not sure how this reporter kept a straight face. Maybe he didn’t. Hard to tell.


And more fun with Uncle Joe.


The Atlantic can’t even get football right.


Because everyone knows that darkies don’t have agency and can’t help themselves.


You want a chaotic election? Here ya go, a chaotic election.


Why we got out of Illinois, Part 783.


Maybe the kids should all go on strike!


“Your world frightens and confuses me.”



Last up is Old Guy Music, from someone who’s feeling older than dirt. And it seems somehow appropriate.