OK, apes—listen up!  We’re at the weekend, again.  If you find that you aren’t, you need to check your chronometer and flux capacitor to figure out where when you’re supposed to be.  In trying to find my footing/style for these posts, I have come to the conclusion that they are, in part, a getting-to-know-you sort of thing.  So, If you are enjoying a hot, or cold, toddy while participating in my quest to find out more info on you jackanapes, while attempting to engage in some witty banter and probing discussions, you can consider yourself on a date, I guess.  We can go Dutch, but, I’m only gonna put out for a few of you.  So, let’s get to it:

Well, if this is a date, we gotta start with date music:  Late-night style

What is it about Ozymandias’ posts that get me to start writing up these posts, besides the lateness of said posts?  Such a good writer (if you’re not reading them, you are missing out, friend-o), about some serious stuff, considering everyone impacted in his tale-including fellow glibs who’ve served.  Salute to you all, from this Cadet Staff Sergeant.

Hey, everyone:  The USN has seen some UFOs UAPs!  Yeah, it’s a Jazz Shaw piece, but, he’s not writing about cops, so you’re sorta safe.  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what’s going on with this story?  I, personally, have no idea what to think of all this:  I’m fascinated that there’s a mystery to be solved, but, not convinced by an extra-terrestrial explanation.  I will say that I find it refreshing that there seems to be a more serious, and, “agnostic” approach to this by DoD than in the past.

Wait—you weren’t planning on ordering the seafood, were you?

What are your dreams?  No, seriously—what do you dream about?  A friend recently told me he is reading up on lucid dreaming (don’t you DARE link to Silent Lucidity), in the hopes of being able to accomplish it.  This is, apparently, due to (perceived) previous experience for him.  I haven’t looked into I; I’m pretty sure I’d just find the same things he has.  If you have any experience or info on the matter, I’d like to hear it.  And, yes:  I get the inherent danger of asking this group to talk about their subconsciouses.  I simply consider it a challenge.

It seems that a gecko has taken a liking to one of the security cameras I view on my job.  He’s made an appearance every night this week, over the course of each shift, and doesn’t seem to be deterred by the plastic dome that covers the camera. Hey, little buddy!

In Which Teddy Roosevelt Makes Men Everywhere Feel a Little Less Manly.  One helluva guy.  Too bad he was a politician.  Compare and contrast his life vs. Franklin’s—Go!

I can honestly say that this evening has turned out better than past dates.

Alright:  I had planned on ending on that last link.  But, since we lost my man Eddie this week, I have to honor him with a very apropos link.  Be sure to sing along.