Our fine readers have stepped up and given us enough material to stagger along another week. Search your soul and your conscience (I know, this I say to a bunch of Glibs?!) have you written up that post you meant to get to? Isn’t there something you’d like to share with us? Plz.

OK, my weekly plea is done – here is what will be gracing our site this week:

Monday – Animal discusses are really, really good gun (ZARDOZ is pleased, I bet). Tulip makes a very dangerous choice…. ’nuff said!

Tuesday – Not Adahn takes a crack at Whiskies of Nippon. whiz gives us some of the early bookie thoughts on 2020 POTUS FEST. Get your dull anger on, with Ozymandias and the DoD Anthrax saga late night.

Wednesday – Double barrel blast to your mental wellbeing – SugarFree opens the assault with the Hat & the Hair, and finishes us off with a Subaru Horror Theater. I…I don’t know if I can manage both.

Thursday – SNP! Baked Penguin willing. Later on, a warning re: Kaliforneeyah. By Yusef.

Friday – Another Glib Crossword! Don Escaped Texas takes a turn in the barrel. Cryptid o’ the week links later on.

Weekend – Mexican Sharpshooter, Spudalicious, OMWC, Not Adahn….what is not to like?

Weekday links….I dunno. Maybe sloopy keeps going. It has been cool having him back in the mornings. Brett will get to some afternoons, if he doesn’t fall down due to exhaustion. So expect a pinch hitter every once in a while.