A week o’ fun and mischief!

Enough of my slacking… I am back to Sunday preview duty! Fortunately, you the Glibertariat, have provided us with enough material (in addition to TPTB contributions!) for another week. Here is what you can expect to see:

Monday – Animal discusses 1911’s. The shooty kind. Not cars or biplanes or such. Somewhere Robert Francis O’Rourke cringes. Later on we get an update from Yusef. From the road.

Tuesday – Leon informs us how to annoy people, via a winning argument. Or, by winning arguments, rather. Jarlflax goes through checks and balances, later on. And late, we get the next chapter in the Anthrax Saga of Ugh from Ozymandias.

Wednesday – Buckle up for The Hat and The Hair. Not that it will do you much good. Just lie back and take it. Later on Florida Man speaks of the little things.

Thursday – Zenu comin’! SNP’s insidious plans revealed again? Later on, Sensei continues teaching Japanese via Anime!

Friday – The Glibs staff reveals their reading for the month. Later on, we suspect a cryptid visit with links or advice or both.

Weekend: Mexican Sharpshooter! Not Adhan! OMWC! Spudalicious! Sir Digby! W00t! W00t!

Weekdays: Sloopy, Brett possible substitutes! Huzzah!


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