So, big demo coming up a week from today. I accidentally broke a template in M$’s crappy portals app and I have no idea how to undo it. I guess I’ll just show someone else’s site if I have to. I’ll just come in hot on Thursday and wing it.

We’re a CRISPR edit away from curing this sinister genetic defect.

Even the Marines can’t cure Florida Man.

Wild horses can’t be dragged away (from Dorian).  And the rarely seen “square grouper” appears to be washing ashore in Florida due to Hurricane Dorian

Someone linked comments to the story of San Fran calling the NRA a terrorist organization wondering “where are all those good guys with guns” in Texas. Here’s one. Good on ya, ma’am. I think you need a higher capacity purse gun, but 50% hit rate ain’t bad with a snubby.