Inspired by California’s move to fuck over Uber and Lyft, Brett is on strike until we treat him as a full-time employee, give him benefits, and pay our share of SDI. So you get me for links today. And I’ll skip birthdays since Sloopy already got them- except to point out that HL Mencken’s birthday ought to be a national holiday, complete with fireworks and beer. Anyway… links.


Team Blue shows its deep concern for wasteful spending and special interest giveaways. Who am I kidding, they’d do this in a femtosecond if it was one of their guys in the White House trying to fuck up the economy.


If this doesn’t warm your heart, you truly have no heart. I would have loved this guy.


Sometimes you just have to wonder, what the FUCK were these people thinking? I have nanoscopic sympathy.


Speaking of the environment… I can’t… even… holy shit.


I hate doing Twitter links because they often get pulled out of embarrassment before you can get to them and laugh. Fingers crossed that this one is still there.


And another one, just because it’s so fucking hilarious.


So the Browns have a chance, then?


Now we know where CPRM gets his Hat and Hair dialog.



Old Guy Music is a song my grandma used to sing to me when I was a kid, and it seems weirdly appropriate about now.