Go ahead and pencil him in for the finals.

The US Open is winding down as the path for Serena is laid clear for her to tie Margaret Court’s record. On the Mens side, Nadal cruised into the semifinals. But none of that matters as we are officially entering the NFL season tonight. Meanwhile on the diamonds of America, your winners were: New York (both AL and NL), Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Boston, San Francisco, Kansas City, Arizona, Oakland, and Los Angeles (NL). And with most of the divisional races being locked up, we anxiously watch the chase for best record in each league, best record overall and the wild card races.

This was a fine movie.

If you were born this day, congratulations.  You share it with Louis XIV (the Sun King), outlaw (and probably NRA Member according to Dems) Jesse James, baseball player Nap Lajoie, economist Paul Volcker, comedic genius Bob Newhart, baseball player Bill Mazeroski, actor and reverse mortgage pitchman William Devane, (the worst) James Bond actor George Lazenby, the lovely Raquel Welch, German director Werner Herzog, possibly the greatest showman in history Freddie Mercury, “Gung-Ho” and “Beetlejuice” star Michael Keaton, and moron Rose McGowan.

That’s a pretty fine list, actually. And don’t even try to fight me over a couple of the claims I made there. I’m right and you all know it. But I digress. And anyway, its time for…the links!

At least he’s not an NRA member, eh comrade?

San Francisco goes completely insane and declares the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization.  And they want to prohibit any supporters or members from getting government contracts in the shit-strewn city.  I guess not even the people tasked with picking up the millions of heroin needles or spraying the shit off the sidewalks will be safe if they’re a member.  LOL, just kidding. There’s nobody doing either of those. But seriously, this is an ugly and libelous statement and I’m sure it will cascade into further polarization and left-wing violence against those who just want to maintain the Second Amendment.

I say, indubitably!”

Dorian tore the ass out of a couple islands in The Bahamas but pretty much missed Florida entirely. But that won’t stop the media and local/state governments from scaring the shit out of people as it churns toward…shit, nobody really knows where. Well, they all know it’ll probably go back out to sea after coming within a short distance of the Carolinas. But that doesn’t get page clicks, does it?

So the Remainers were saying Boris was undermining democracy by not holding an election. Then when he called for snap elections ahead of the Oct 31 Brexit deadline, they voted the proposal down. They also managed to prevent a no-deal Brexit. Which basically means the EU has the UK’s balls in a vise and can do whatever they want by refusing to negotiate at all (which is what they’ve done all along) and the will of our Limey cousins will have been thwarted by the very people they wanted to disassociate from.  That’s pretty sad, yet unexpected from across the pond.

What could possibly go wrong? Seriously, this might be the least baked idea ever. I will eagerly await Trump denying the unsourced, uncorroborated piece and then a back and forth of retarded media pieces for a week or so until the next shiny object comes along.

Way to go Navy!!! You bunch of fat fucks.  I mean, you’re fatter than the Air Force.  The fucking Air Force is in better shape than you!!!!! Oh well, after the new PT tests are implemented next month, half the soldiers, airmen and semen out there will be on a program anyway.

Jesus, what an amateur. Everybody knows you put that in the checked luggage so its got more room to move around. A checked bag is way too small.

An idiot engages an intelligent person. Let’s roll the tape to see how this goes… Oh, it results in one person accusing the other of having a bunch of domestic abusers and violent criminals as friends.  And then that person gets white-knighted by a bunch of betas. So basically, the same shit that always happens when this simpleton decides to make a point on twitter.

OK, here we go.  Song 1.  Song 2. And one that gets too little love…Song 3.

Go enjoy that and have a great day, friends!