First to 100!

As the weather begins to break here in Houston, I thank God that we have a retractable roof on MMP.  That allowed the Astros to become the first team to win 100 games this year, as they pulled a game ahead of the Yankees for best overall record. Those Yankees and Dodgers both lost yesterday, and the latter is two games back in the chase for best record and home-field through the playoffs. The A’s stayed hot and won, as did the Rays and Indians, who are a mere 1/2 game back in the AL’s wild card race.  On the Senior Circuit, the Nationals, Cubs and Brewers all fell, so that WC race is at a standstill, while the Cards winning stretched their lead in the last remaining divisional race that’s worth keeping an eye on.  And in the NFL, the Jags take on the Titans this evening.  Yay.

“Hello, Victoria Silvstedt, Playmate Of The Year”

Antoninus Pius was born on this day. As were: automaking legend Ferry Porsche, author William Golding, baseball star Duke Snider, the ever-melodramatic James Lipton, the equally-melodramatic Adam West, actor Jeremy Irons, model Twiggy, auto racer Juan Manuel Fangio, one-handed pitcher Jim Abbott, person on tv Jimmy Fallon, and Playmate Of The Year Victoria Silvstedt.

Alright then. Let’s just get on with…the links!

The Taliban killed a bunch of innocent people yesterday. But they apologized, because they were trying to blow up a bunch of other innocent people, not these ones.  Fucking animals.

If you use fossil fuels, you should do this to yourself.

NBC decides its time for us to have a confession. Yes, its about the stupid environmental bullshit.  And yes, the replies are freaking hilarious. Enjoy.

Sorry, striking autoworkers (who average double the pay of nurses and triple that of the average American). But you’re not the only one who can decide to stop providing something. Yeah, stop bitching. Its called a negotiation and the NLRB is no longer there to rubber-stamp whatever you do and rake the other side over the coals.

What the shit is th-…oh yeah.

Whoever said Trump wanted to neuter the EPA forgot that human shit and piles of dirty needles are environmental dangers.  The response from the city should be interesting.

Is Kevin Spacey secretly a Clinton? We’ll have to wait and see if any of his other accusers suddenly drop dead or fall completely off the face of the earth.

If you don’t think political dynasties are still a thing, remember the there’s still a few people in this family that have dreams. This one might last because he’s not a raging alcoholic or (known) drug addict.  But there’s still time for him to live up to his family legacy.

Not so much new wave. More of a throwback song. Either way, it’s beautiful and if you disagree, you’re wrong.

That’s it for me. Have a great day, friends!