Huh, seems the usual previewers all had lives or something today, so I’ll tell you what’s upcoming this week and then you can go about a Sunday Night Open Post!

Monday: Animal’s autobiography continues; Yusef has a dispatch.

Tuesday: Tonio stops by; The Hyperbole has a crossword for us; Ozymandias continues his excellent series on the DOD Anthrax Vaccine.

Wednesday:  Hat & Hair, should SugarFree bless us; Winston’s Mom has something to say in the evening.

Thursday: Secret Nazi President, courtesy BakedPenguin; Mojeaux has an evening rant; Don Escapes Texas with some more NCAA snark late night.

Friday: Raphael shares a travelogue and some insights from his experience being back Stateside; a cryptid (or more than one) stops by with advice/links, maybe both, Friday evening.

Saturday: MexicanSharpshooter drinks something on your behalf and Spud brings evening links.

Sunday: Not Adahn foretells the week.

Along the way, we’re sure to have links from Sloopy, Brett L, OMWC, and perhaps others as needed.

OK, then, on to the Open Post! Have a great week, Glibs!