Wait…Below, not to the left!


Sort of last-ish minute fill in for links. We hope the variety of linksters we have had parading through this week has both confused and delighted you. If not, too bad. You are stuck with me this morning. God help you all this afternoon, if this keeps up.

But enough of that – you are here to comment. These here links are sort of your excuse to do so:

  • I am quite sure this will turn out well. Maybe Bernie can take a second honeymoon. “The North Korean leader compared the site to the Mt. Kumgang tourist area, which he visited on Wednesday and ordered the removal of all the “unpleasant-looking” facilities that had been built by South Korea.”
  • Man, the House of Windsor has been laid low. I guess with that jug-eared dolt for a father, and the vacuous mother, this shouldn’t be so much of a surprise.
  • The only reason I am linking this story is due to the headline.  That has to be the best part of the job at the paper…”remember, if the headline doesn’t make people do a double take, you have failed!”
  • ““The fourth plenum will implement reform plans, and they will talk about how to improve governance, which is pressing”. No, silly Glibs, this is the CCP, not the TEAM BLUE or TEAM RED conventions!

Now go do that voodoo that you do so well!