Okay, enough of you miscreants seemed to appreciate the effort so here one more. The theme answers in this one are pretty tortured so I’ll add a hint at the very end of the post, if you don’t want a spoiler don’t scroll down to fast. And remember this is for entertainment purposes only, please no wagering. Have fun!

If you prefer a PDF      Asset Forfeiture

If you need to cheat  help  Solution

Lastly you can go here and work an interactive version. The Password is “Ookla > Chewie”



Don Escaped Texas beta tested this one as well and made a few good suggestions (none of which I listened to this time) but any errors are still on him.


Hint: The theme answers* are victims of asset forfeiture. for example 55 across should be DREAMBOATANNIE but the cops seized the boat so now its DREAMANNIE.