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Is Barcelona Burning?

The TRIAL OF TEH CENTURY (Sedition charges against the leaders of the 2017 Catalan Independence referendum) finished up. The announced verdicts were about what was expected. Then things got a bit unruly. Pro-independence groups called a general strike Friday. Here is a slim BBC blurb on that.

So here we are, Catalans. The EU is backing Madrid, of course. Nobody seems to be ready to do anything other than clear a throat or maybe give with a mild “harumph”. It is up to you. Do you want to be independent? You will have to fight for it. And I mean FIGHT. Armed combat. Killing. Property damage. Not protest, strike, and wave banners.

Some of the Basque tried. For over 50 years the ETA waged low level war. They failed…But to me at least, they were a group more “leftist” than “fighting for independence”.

So, will Catalonia take up arms?

I think they will not do so. They have had 2 years to be ready for this day…and not a whole lot else happened. What took place were the actions of a people that prefer independence, in the same manner you prefer a salad dressing. “Oh, its not available? OK, I’ll settle for ________.”


“The Barcelona Yoke Passing”


Don Swissxote can hang up his spurs.