It turns out that my longer clues get cut off in the interactive version, 32d para ejemplo, you’ll have to refer to the image below or the PDF version if you want to read the full clue. Also it turns out you people suck at getting the themes so I added shaded squares to give you some help, they too don’t appear in the interactive version. I reported this glitch to the site where I build puzzles but they asked for my password so they could see the puzzle in question and I, not wanting to be cancelled for using terms like spic, peckerwood, towelhead, and poi-slurper, decided to let it go.  No beta tester this time, one may think this means that any errors will be on me, but I’m going to assign a Glib at random to be at fault. Remember this is for entertainment purposes only, please no wagering. Good luck, we’re all counting on you. And as always enjoy.





If you prefer a PDF   Concealed Carry Redux

If you need to cheat  help  Solution

You can go here and work an interactive version. The Password is “Your Pet’s Name”

Some of you have reported trouble with the interactive version, I also have an Across Lite file but I’m not sure how or if I can post those here since you’d need to download it, If you see me in the comments and use Across Lite hit me up with a burner email account and I can send it to you that way.


Tonio didn’t beta test this one but any errors are still on him.