Fuck you, you alien-looking sellout motherfucker.

The Astros laid the wood to the Yankees last night. And JV is on the hill tonight to start game 5.  Here’s hoping the next Houston home game is World Series Game 1.The Chiefs won, but at what cost? The NBA and ESPN continue to polish China’s ballsack in the hopes they’ll be forgiven.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday that the league is already dealing with “fairly dramatic” financial consequences from Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s support of Hong Kong’s anti-government protesters.

Uh, no. you’re dealing with he consequences of the unreasonable reaction of an autocratic regime that won’t tolerate any form of dissent or expansion of liberty. Not from a tweet.  But keep polishing that Chinese knob. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll forgive a guy for a tweet that offended them. And then maybe they’ll put your games back on the air. You know, because that’s how a reasonable government would react. (Insert eye-roll emoji here)


Showing what one motivated marine and his rifle can do.

Birthday boys and girls for today are: musician Chuck Berry, actor George C Scott, legendary sportscaster Keith Jackson, actor Peter Boyle, sharpshooter marksman Lee Harvey Oswald, football legend Mike Ditka, tennis goat Martina Navritalova, and god of the silver screen Jean-Claude Van Damme.

OK, on to…the links!

Looks like an antifa protester with a gun was arrested at the Trump rally in Dallas last night. See, this dude was smart. If he’d have just stayed home with a gun, a Dallas cop might have just walked by and shot him dead.

Ah yes, the integrity of the UN Human Rights Council continues to be beyond reproach. LOL, its as if they’re not even trying to be taken seriously.

Florida Man doing Florida Man things. First hint it was Florida? The cops were called to Dick King Road to investigate.

Mexico release El Chapo’s son for no reason. Oh wait, they have a reason: so the cartels will stop killing innocent people.  Uh, maybe y’all should just legalize all the damn drugs and stop fighting a war with these people.  Also, releasing convicted criminals so their followers won’t indiscriminately kill people is an interesting play. I’m sure this won’t be abused in the future.

Nobody fucking cares!!!!!

Don’t tease us like this! It’s overdue anyway, but don’t get our hopes up.

Who. The. Hell. Cares? “Hey, we’re equal to you!” “Hey, we’re special. Look at me! Look at me!!!!!” I mean, this shit’s been done a thousand times. Welcome to the club, I guess.

LATE ADDITION: This “hate crime” thing has officially jumped the shark. Hat tip to Brett L for finding this gem.

There shouldn’t be a single one of you that complains about this song.  If you do, you’re dead to me.

That’s it, folks. Enjoy the ALCS hopefully wrapping up today as well as the Buckeyes playing on Friday.  Yes, they got sent to a Friday game. Nice job, Big Ten. AH, don’t get me started. Go enjoy the weekend.