There are times when one turns to the skies for advice, only for the skies to respond with “lol, get fucked.  I’m going to be completely random and you can’t force me to be otherwise.”  Such is the situation this week, with none of the planets wanting to have any connection or relationship with any other.  Now, as contrary as the planets may want to be, they can’t avoid the fact they are actually out there in space, so we still have their relationship with the zodiac to fallback on, and one particularly interesting event will be happening.

Hail Scorpio!  You begin your season already hosting Mercury and Venus for that initial luck burst, unfortunately it’s not going to last as long s you’d like, because Mercury will be going retrograde before the week is out.  It will be Station Retrograde on Halloween, to be precisely.  Mercury (chance, luck) retrograde (chaos) in Scorpio (secrets, darkness, genitals, creepy-crawlies) is about as perfect a Halloween event as one could hope for, so this should be a Halloween to remember.

Libra is doing its best to protect us from the conjunction of the moon with Mars (literally, the tides of war).  A more self-indulgent reading of this would be that this week is an auspicious time to partake of martial games or simulations.

The cards have lots of reversed swords, warning against violence.  This is not a big deal for a bunch of NAPpers

Scorpio:  6 of Swords reversed – Declaration, confession, publicity, a proposal of love

Sagittarius:  2 of Cups – Love, passion, friendship, affinity, union, concord, sympathy, the interrelation of the sexes

Capricorn:  Ace of Coins reversed – The evil side of wealth, bad intelligence; also great riches.

Aquarius:  4 of Cups – Weariness, disgust, aversion, imaginary vexations, blended pleasure.  Since the source predates Fred Waring, daiquiris are not what is being referenced in that last bit.

Pisces:  Page of Coins – Application, study, scholarship, reflection, news, messages and the bringer thereof; also rule, management.

Aries:  4 of Wands – Country life, haven of refuge, repose, concord, harmony, prosperity, peace.

Taurus:  The Hireophant – Marriage, alliance, captivity, servitude, mercy and goodness; inspiration

Gemini:  The World – Assured success, recompense, voyage, route, emigration, flight, change of place

Cancer:  9 of Wands reversed – Obstacles, adversity, calamity.

Leo:  Knight of Wands reversed – Anecdotes, announcements, evil news, indecision, instability

Virgo:  Page of Swords reversed – competent person working against you, unforeseen situations, unpreparedness.

Libra:  King of Swords reversed – Cruelty, perversity, barbarity, perfidy, evil intention.