So I realized, after I spent all day telling other people what I wanted them to do, that even though I still have plenty of actual do-the-work responsibilities, I’ve basically become management. Not sure whether this is going to end with a bender, and whether that bender is going to end with Drano, but… I’m definitely trying not to turn into a pointy-head. I really don’t love spending all day talking.

To my view, this (and Swissy’s link from earlier today) are just lesser forms of the same millenialist ideology that led the Taliban to blow up the giant stone carvings of Buddha. Lesser degree, because these toads lack imagination and ability compared to the Taliban, but it comes from the same place.

At Heroic Mulatto’s request, I pass along this link for your adolescent snickering.

Cool, now do ULA.

I smell a H&H Extended Universe episode.