OK, maybe not that urgent.


Sloopy had something come up this morning, so you get my rather terse style of linkings this morning. I am not sure exactly what was going on, perhaps the kids were executing a plot to take over the house. They do have sloopy and Banjos outnumbered…

Sports – not one team I have an interest in has won anything the past week. So sports can go hang. (Ohio State did win, and the Astros are going for a sweep – so sloopy has that going for him)

Birthdays – large numbers of humans have this particular day as their day of birth! …fine. Yo-Yo Ma and Vlad Putin were born today. Happy?!


  • Despite left leaning media being desperate for a theater shooting…this is the best anyone could scratch up. Sorry, no pile of bodies to climb on to denounce whitecishetpatriacrchynationalisms. Oh, and call for gun confiscation.
  • Well then – everyone should be safe now! Oh…what? We will have to keep an eye on this. I would laugh if Erdogan got handed the whole mess by Orange Man Bad.
  • Winning friends and influencing people…to hate you. You want to live like a forest elf? Go ahead. But you aren’t taking civilization away from the rest of us. OK, maybe in the UK or Germany they will.
  • BONUS HOBBYHORSE LINK. Catalans try to use EU as monkey wrench.