I wanted to wait for a resolution, but I can’t wait around. It seems my Company bailed on me due to a dubious, unethical series of events, so I’m in limbo right now, maybe go back to Walmart.

We did make it to AZ, broke as fuck but not hungry, yet, so I decided to build a 1/144th scale Wargaming table. There are 2 million Wargamers out there, and while they love to play, they hate to build, that’s where I come in….

How it’s done

First question, what are you going to do? Dioramas? WG tables? Scatter pieces?


Some nomenclature:

WG: Wargaming tables with fixed scenery and terrain, very tough and take players abuse well, not cheap, if done well.

Dioramas: very expensive due to the level of detail required, and very fragile when finished.

Scatter pieces: these are cool, basically rocks, trees and terrain features that can be moved around to create new scenarios, usually with a battle mat.

Battle mats: I forgot those, imagine a tarp with caulking covering it, a bit of paint and Voila! War gaming!


In this episode I will show you How I do it. I hope you enjoy, let’s begin.

First is materials. I get slab foam from Home Depot, but it’s widely available, and some drywall mud, this is essential to making foam look like life, then I figure out what to do….

After deciding I glue my foam slabs together and cut/sand it all down, layer it all together, then make a trench for my water courses, this is critical, the material I use wants to level, so you need to contain it somewhat. By this time we have the bluffs, hills and river mostly in place, now we need roads. 

The Megalith:

I have a plethora of small stones in the front yard so I went wacky with a Stoned Henge monument, take my psycho mind and some rocks and behold! StonedHenge! 

I went with the Roman roads theme after watching a YT on the subject, very east/west, with some north/south to follow the river, this is difficult. Try to make sure a straight road looks natural after 2 millennia? Let’s see…


As usual, I had no thought of doing this until I sat with a beer and just looked, and it came to me…..


How it’s done pt2

Good materials, and an imagination are all it takes, fun or money, it matters not. Build or die is my motto.

Do your elevation layout first, then paint a base coat of your landscape, brown, green and blue, keep the glue away!

How do I do landscape, Yusef?

Foam, a cheap knife from Dollar Tree, some sandpaper and you’re done. It’s important to notice that nothing in nature is static, even with patterns, chaos rules, deal with it and you will make nice scenery! Find primary colors for your rock features, then tint dark, overbrush, then tint light and dry brush.

I’m out till next week, see ya! 

Gallery, so far.