“Ever since Uncle Max showed me that fun trick of cutting a hole in the pumpkin, this has been my favorite time of the year!”

Swiss often does these. But he’s pulling overtime at the cheese-drilling plant. SP often does these. But she is so bogged down with Mom, I couldn’t find it in me to make her sit in. So it’s up to me.

See, SP is the sort of organized person who has all of the week’s articles posted on a calendar. It’s easily accessible and usable through WordPress. Unless, that is, you’re something of a software tard. And by “you,” I mean “me.” So although there’s a bunch of great shit running this week, I only have a few vague recollections. I’m sure that Animal will destroy our feminist sides on Monday, and as for Ozymandias, If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Anthrax. What with Halloween, expect an unusual (in all senses of the word) output from the love-child of Lovecraft and Bukowski, our own SugarFree. Tonio has a love letter to the Speech Police, there’s a Hyperbole crossword, CPRM will do his thing in the way only he can, and a Very Special (and sobering) contribution from dbleagle on Saturday. If I skipped something, it’s because I’m somewhat senile.

ADMIN NOTE: The old avatar plug-in is apparently not compatible with the latest WP updates, so SP has installed a new plug-in. Unfortunately, that means Glibs need to upload a new avatar image in their user profile dashboard. Sorry for the inconvenience. SP fixed the whole Gravatar deal.

Also, if you or someone you know has tried to register for the site in the last couple weeks or so, please submit another request as it may have gotten lost in all the updates to WP, themes, plug-ins, forms, etc.