For this week anyways.

You, our readers, contributors, lurkers and staff have made TPTB here at Glibs reflect in wonder at this little site of ours. We have been going for quite a while – frankly, longer and stronger than most expected here at Glibs HQ. You have our thanks and our gratitude.

OK, enough of the sappy sentiment – here is what is upcoming, and the comments are yours!

Monday – More of “Growing Up With Animal” and Trigger Hippie speaks of the punchfest between Hagler and Leonard.

Tuesday – Tonio has a bit of a guide – to explain us Glibs. A Florida Man post later on. I was afraid to look at it, so you will just have read it yourself. Prepare for further teeth gritting, reading the details that Ozymandias lays out before us.

Wednesday – DOOM…  I mean, Sugarfree. Then trshmnstr finishes us off. My brain hurts already.

Thursday – SNP! Crossword!

Friday – The Glibbening continues. Cryptid(s) links, advice, mayhem.

Weekend – the continuing misadventures of OMWC, Spudalicious, Sir Digby, Mexican Sharpshooter, Not Adhan, et al.

Weekday Links from sloopy, Brett and subs as needed.