I tried to get STEVE SMITH to fill in for me tonight…but he just promised HIM FILL SOMETHING IN! So, I sort of ran from having him substitute.

Here is the week to come:

Monday – Animal tells us of another Shitlord of Renown. Yusef writes from the road.

Tuesday – An RC Dean book review, Florida Man changes tack and moves to The Big Things. Later night, prepare to simmer at the further telling of the tale of the DoD Anthrax case.

Wednesday – Hat and Hair…’nuff said. A cross word for your evening.

Thursday – SNP! Mojeaux waltzes into a minefield…er, gives us Christianity 101. Football ranking savaging, late night.

Friday – We hear of the the making of a Libertarian. Cryptid(s) late on.

Weekend – Sir Digby, Mexican Sharpshooter, Not Adahn, OMWC, Spudalicious, et al keep us informed and entertained.

Weekday Links – Sloopy and Brett keep us in the know!