I guess actions have consequences. And sometimes it takes a couple years for those consequences to be fully realized.  But I doubt Baker Mayfield understands that. Dude needs to get his head out of his ass or he’s gonna be Johnny Football 2.0. And I don’t really have a dog in this fight. But he really needs to sharpen shit up, and so does the rest of his team.

Its winner-take-all now!

Meanwhile, the Yankees swept their way into the ALCS. Hopefully the Astros will join them today, after getting shelled by the Rays yesterday to extend the series.  Meanwhile, both NLDS’s will go to a win-or-go-home game 5 tomorrow. That will be a lot more fun to watch if the Astros take care of business today. Meanwhile, the Blue Jackets topped the Sabres in OT and the Blues made Toronto sad in the Scotiabank Center.

Apparently this was based on a book.

My mom turns 70 today. Love you, mom!  She shares it with: “Ace of aces” Eddie Rickenbacker, leftist strongman Juan Peron, the guy who wrote the book they based the “Dune” movie on Frank Herbert, legendary Aussie actor Paul Hogan, race-baiter Jesse Jackson, comedic genius Chevy Chase, punk legend Johnny Ramone, dwarf-person Dennis Kucinich, the lovely Sigourney Weaver, Awesome Bill From Dawsonville, other punk rock legend C.J. Ramone, MATT DAMON, and Bella Thorne.

That was a decent list. Mostly because it was headlined by my mom.  Love you, mom! Now on to…the links!

An artist’s depiction of the incident.

I guess all of those warnings about people causing problems at the Joker movie were right after all. I hope those people affected will be ok.

Trump is threatening Turkey now to lay off the Kurds after basically giving them the green light to attack Syria. OK, fine. Now bring the troops back home that are scattered all over that shitty region.

I remember being a kid and having someone say “just walk it off” or “rub some dirt in it” when I got hurt.  Those people are qualified to be doctors in Venezuela now. Way to go, socialism. Way to go.

An NBA owner said the stupidest fucking thing I’ll hear all day. How hard is it to support individual liberty, people?  I mean…come on.

“Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.”

Sorry, sweetie. But I’m not sure there’s a “doing cocaine with the devil” defense in Virginia. Well, unless your name’s Hunter Biden.

California has gas prices twice the national average. And now their regressive energy policies are about to cause even more ridiculous shit to happen to her residents. I only hope Tractor Supply has enough pitchforks available to keep up with demand. You get what you pay for, people. You get what you pay for.

And a pair of eagerly-awaited free association cases are headed to the Supreme Court today. Expect a lot of protesting and hand-wringing. And calls for impeachment, obviously.

Man, I’m not a huge fan of the pretentious bastard. But this is an absolutely wonderful song.

That’s all I got today, friends.  Except to say “love you, mom!”  Now go have a great day!