All smiles in D.C.

The Nationals are on the brink of sweeping the Cardinals. This surprises me, even though it shouldn’t.  Also, the Cards have scored 1 run in three games so far in the NLCS. Kinda makes it tough to win when you don’t score.  The Packers added to Detroit’s misery last night. And your hockey winners were: Borston, Florida, NYI, Buffalo, Colorado, Chicago, and the MINNESOOOOOOOOOOOOOODA WIIIIIIIIIIIIILD! Ah, it felt good to finally get to say that.

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The Roman poet Virgil was born on this day. As were: German philosophizer Friedrich Nietzsche, American boxing champ John L Sullivan, writer P.G. Wodehouse, writer Mario Puzo, automaker Lee Iacocca, filmmaker Penny Marshall, baseball legend Jim Palmer, actress Tanya Roberts, skateboarder Stacy Peralta, chef Emeril Lagasse, and businessman Jack Ma.

OK, on to…the links!

This serves as a metaphor for what Twitter did to Lebron last night

LeBron James is a selfish, arrogant and uneducated assclown. That’s all I got on that.

Michael Bloomberg is keeping his options open. Seriously. This isn’t a joke.

Um….yeah. This isn’t gonna go over well. Also, it can’t have been very fun to watch. Half the fighters wouldn’t have known what was going on. And the other half would have just fallen asleep in the corner.

The Ft Worth cop who shot an unarmed woman in her home for no reason has been charged with murder. In Chicago, he’d have gotten a medal.

Christ, what an asshole. Dude could have driven to a station much closer and cut down on his carbon footprint.

Hunter, his dad, and just a couple of friends

You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookies numbers. Come on, Mother Nature.

Hunter Biden opens up. And a bag of cocaine probably fell out.

Thanks to a few of the founders, I’m subjecting y’all to the same ear worm they subjected me to yesterday.

That’s it. Have a great day. Go Astros!