That’s a FOUL BALL!

Keep your body behind the ball.  Everybody that played the game as a kid has heard that. Well, almost everybody. Of course, there was a bigger error that’s not getting the attention it deserves.  I’ve watched it a million times and I’m still sure it hit the bat first. Oh well, I’m 0-1 with my wild card picks so far.  I’d love to be 0-2, but I still think the A’s win tonight.

I’m sure as I type this update Bayern has scored again on Spuds.  That was an absolute beatdown. The kind that costs people their job. Real drawing with Brugge is the same kind of result. PSG, Juve, Man City, and Athletics all won. More fun across the pond today with the second set of UCL matches.  Not to mention fun this side of the pond as the NHL season officially opens today.

The 80’s was a strange time.

King Richard III was born on this day.  So were: badass rebel Nat Turner, bald person Mahatma Gandhi, chump Paul von Hindenburg, comedic genius Groucho Marx, the nearly-as-funny Bud Abbott, overrated picture-taker Annie Liebovitz, egomaniac Sting, wrestler Yokozuna, and 80s musician (who posed in Playboy when it was kinda too late) Tiffany.

OK, let’s get on with…the links!

Seriously, dude? How in the world could that seem “romantic”, you dumb bastard?

I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

Sorry Meghan, but the Mail On Sunday is just publishing what they were given. I don’t see this going anywhere.  Also, your entire job is to be in public and do whatever you feel like on the dime of some else. Suck it up.

This would have been even better if he said he wanted sharks with freaking laser beams coming out of their eyes. Of course, the sources for the entire piece are “sources” and “people familiar with the matter”, so I’m having a hard time believing any of it. But it still sounds hilarious.Hilariously awesome!

Clinton-appointed judge behaves like Clinton. Receives punishment like a Clinton. Christ, what an asshole.

I really am sorry for what you’ve gone through.

Well, plan on Johnson & Johnson to be filing for bankruptcy in a few years.  Once you settle one of these, the floodgates will open.

That asshole who killed her neighbor in Dallas was found guilty of murder. Good.  Now I hope they sentence her to a veeeeery long time.

Man, I remember going to see them on this tour.  It was AWESOME!!!

That’s it folks. Have a great Wednesday!