Nats win the pennant!

Well, half the World Series is set. Congratulations Nationals for reaching uncharted waters. The Astros also won to take a 2-1 series lead against the Yankees.  There supposed to play game 4 today but that might not happen if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Oh well, an extra day’s rest for JV and Greinke means one less start by someone else.

Why is this bald asshole still on the national team?

The Maple Leafs beat the Wild. Y’all were right, they do suck.  Other winners were: Tampa, Phoenix, Calgary, Vancouver, Nashville, and Carolina. In other things, Lebron stepped on his dick even more before saying he wouldn’t speak about the situation (in China) anymore. And the USMNT lost to Canada, which is fucking humiliating. Time to scrap the national team altogether and save us the national embarrassment.

The dictionary guy Noah Webster was born on this day.  So were: pervert Oscar Wilde, first Israeli PM David Ben-Gurion, Irish revolutionary Michael Collins, actress Angela Lansbury, annoying announcer Tim McCarver, actress Suzanne Summers, comedic director David Zucker, actor Tim Robbins, bassist Flea, and Ohio State fan (and baseball player) Bryce Harper.

OK, on to…the (debate-free) links!

Looks like Brett Kavanaugh’s type of judges. Question: why are people being charged with misconduct for engaging in a perfectly legal activity (like getting drunk and enjoying White Castle)?

Let’s show them the same love!

Its time to put up or shut up on Hong Kong. I’m anxious to see how many of our so-called leaders really stand for freedom.  I expect to be disappointed.

Pelosi opts to continue the kangaroo court rather than open a legitimate impeachment inquiry. Because nothing says fair and impartial like preventing the other side from calling witnesses or having access to the alleged witnesses.

Welcome to New York!

The rats are taking over the Big Apple. This isn’t a metaphor. I mean no-shit rodents, not deBlasio and his lackeys.

The Anaheim Angels (of Los Angeles) are imploding over the Tyler Skaggs situation. I don’t know what’s next, but I’m curious to see if anybody in the organization survives this without losing their job or going to prison.

What the fucking fuck?!?!?!?! That’s it, no spoilers.

Here’s something to enjoy.

Now go have a great day, friends!