It all ends tonight.

Well the Astros blew it last night. But like I said yesterday, everybody wants a Game 7 anyway. Across the pond, the Carabao Cup games pretty much went according to plan. A couple of big boy matchups today. Let’s see what kind of team each of them put out there. And in hockey, the winners yesterday were Boston, Washington, Pittsburgh, Carolina, NYR, Detroit, Nashville, Dallas and Anaheim.

Now a semi-famous writer

Explorer (and exploiter, appropriator, genocidal maniac, and enslaver – WaPo) Christopher Columbus was born on this day. So were founding father John Adams, Admiral Bull Halsey, poet Ezra Pound, actor Henry Winkler, actor Harry Hamlin, soccer legend and cocaine aficionado Diego Maradona, and heir-apparent to the coming dictatorship Ivanka Trump.

Actually a decent list today.  Now on to…the links!

Preemption, bitch!  At least that’s how I would have stated it were I this judge.  But that can cut both ways down the road, so I hope these kinds of idiotic ordinances start getting struck down because they’re unconstitutional rather than on procedural grounds.

Want to read some stupid ass shit? Here’s some stupid ass shit. But in a way they’re right: a lot of people would be happy to join a mob of bandits. They’d be even happier if they could safely outsource all the violent heavy lifting.

Mmmmmmmm, tacos!

Here’s a lesson on why you should never apologize. Actually, this company learned that lesson twice in one day. God, I hate griefers. I hate em with the fire of 100 suns.

Somehow I doubt she’s being honest here. But I’ve doubted that about her all along.

California continues its march toward the Middle Ages. What’s next, medieval diseases coming back that were eradic…oh yeah, that’s happened too.

Apparently this is not ok.

Covington Catholic II: Electric Boogaloo. Man, I’m not sure I want to live in a world where your fans can’t taunt opponents. But this may have gone a little over the line.

Regardless of what happens with the baseball, this will be how I feel today. I hope some of you can say the same.

Now go have a great day!