Who TF cares anymore other than you, ESPN?

At least one ranked basketball team from Kentucky can take down a small Indiana school at home. Well done, Louisville.  Also, Ohio State thumped Villanova. And Texas Tech won big as well. On the ice, your winners were Ottawa, NYI, Washington, Dallas, and Chicago. Justin Verlander won the AL Cy Young award with teammate Gerrit Cole coming in second and former teammate Charlie Morton coming in third. Jeez, you’d have had to have been stealing signs to hit that rotation.

This man will be fucking peoples’ shit up again in 9 days.

Colin Kaepernick worked out and ESPN is leading with it for some reason I’m sure is unrelated to their politics. And the NCAA finally ruled that Chase Young must sit for the Rutgers game but will be eligible to play against Penn State, TTUN, whoever they get in the Big Ten Championship Game and then the playoff semifinal and final.  Yes, I’m making an assumption or two there. It’s what I do and it’s what you expect from me.

Steamboat inventor Robert Fulton was born on this day. As were impressionist painter Claude Monet, douchebag congressman Joseph McCarthy, TV idea man Sherwood Schwartz, satirist P.J. O’Rourke, jug-eared child of incest Prince Charles, former SoS Condi Rice, rapper Joseph “Run” Simmons, and hurler Curt Schilling.

Welfare-queen douchebag.

Right-o, on to…the links!

Looks like fun size candy bars are the new “loosies”. Hey, he’s lucky they didn’t kill him for voluntarily exchanging in transactions with people for a product he obtained legally and paid the tax for. Jesus, that city’s cops get worse by the day.

Diplomats reveal new details in first public impeachment hearings. By “details”, they mean second- and third-hand information, a bunch of opinion, and little of substance beyond revealing that their personal conversations with the Ukranian president revealed that he had no issues at all with any conversation with Trump.  The shitshow continues today, I think.

Looks like Congress will get 8 years of Trump’s taxes unless the Supreme Court overrules the DC Circuit’s ruling. So the DC Circuit has ruled that Congress can demand and receive a private citizen’s private tax returns (he was a private citizen for those years) as part of congressional oversight. Gee, why wouldn’t private citizens be lining up to run for office now?

Unnamed Monroe County, NY Supervisor working on legislation.

A county in Upstate New York is considering going all-in on the bootlicking. Because nothing says “right to protest” like throwing people in prison for annoying a cop. Hey Monroe County: go fuck yourself.

Man, what an asshole. Also, if your employees don’t have proper equipment and support to do their job, you’re gonna have some backlash. But still…what an asshole.

Who the fuck is that guy? Somebody needs to cut him open and make sure it’s not Hillary in some form of Edgar suit.

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