My wife decided to start “organizing” the garage last night and that has continued through until today. I put the word organize in quotes because my wife, bless her, believes the definition of organizing to be “throw away anything that hasn’t been used in the last year”. Now, I put up with that everywhere except for my office and the garage. Even though by conservative estimates we have spent over $1000 replacing the perfectly good things we got rid of. I’m also not saying there wasn’t anything to get rid of in the garage. But, I’ve executed at least 3 rescue sorties involving various tools and stable household chemicals. Tools don’t go bad. Stable chemicals don’t go bad. Why dispose of something perfectly good that there is a high statistical likelihood of purchasing again?

The other revealing discussion was: “This is why I can never find any of your tools.” Uh, yes. Because they are MY tools. Get your own. We have a little tool kit with a wee hammer, pliers, and drivers of various types for tasks inside. But I caved on that one… because my solution was that she should buy me one of those nice rolling toolboxes with a workbench surface. And because of all of her organizing we have a place to put it! This is the kind of compromise you run a marriage on. On to…. the Links!

Breaking: Trump supports Constitutional process! I can’t imagine why. If the timing is juuust right, the Senate can start right after the big Primary Tuesday, and spend March-August calling the witnesses Republicans want to hear from, and then, about May, it will be time for the FBI IG prosecutions. Jesus, I sound like those mooks on NRO.

All your data are belong to us! As an aside, I assume that some agency of the USG will turn out to own that server.

The Taylor Swift mafia is issuing death threats now. I’d take that less seriously, but you know… darling of the neo-Nazis. Also, crazy 24 year old women.

Florida Dog, better driver than whatever is driving anything with Canadian plates. “This is great! This is great! If only I could get to the dog park! And the windows down!”

I’m not saying its aliens, but…