Congratulations. We’ve made it through another week.  This one, sadly, is ending with a head cold for me.  But that’s what happens when winter arrives and it gets down into the high 40s.  I’m sure some of you can relate to this arctic blast, so I won’t dwell on it.

The best player ever. Also pictured: President’s Cup Captain Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods the captain has picked…Tiger Woods the player to be on his President’s Cup team. Sounds like a solid plan with the way he’s been playing lately.  Although I’m a bit shocked Rickie Fowler was left off the squad.

Seminoles fans, meet your (potential) next head coach.

The Raiders beat the flailing Chargers last night. Your NHL winners were Toronto, Washington, Pittsburgh, Philly, NYR, Ottawa, Chicago, Colorado, Calgary, Columbus and San Jose.  And circling back to football, this might be the dumbest idea since that “Ghostbusters” remake with all those unfunny broads in it. I mean…its literally that stupid.

Romania’s savior.

Vlad the Impaler was born on this day. I bet Pie is out celebrating by sucking the blood out of something.  Also born on this day were/are comet-spotter Edmond Halley, author Bram Stoker (ironically), board game magnate Milton Bradley, writer Margaret Mitchell, engineer Jack Kilby, football coaching legend Bobby Bowden, NRA exec Wayne LaPierre, drag queen Chi Chi LaRue, TV’s favorite asshole Gordon Ramsay, and recipient of a bad boob job Tara Reid.

That’s not too shabby a list.  Now on to…the links!

Nice tits, bro.

Is there a Labour Party member that’s not an anti-Semite or a moron who says anti-Semitic things and then plays dumb? I see he went with Randall’s “Porch Monkey Defense” with no success whatsoever.It was a bold play but seems to have failed.

When will Americans start treating their failed and corrupt politicians like this? Just kidding. I don’t condone this type of violence. But I’d probably tolerate it if they don’t stop spending us (further) into bankruptcy.

Things are about to go from bad to worse in Hong Kong. I feel for those people and pray they stay safe in the coming days and weeks.  But I fear for the worst.

“You fucked up. you trusted us.”  Somebody is gonna lose their license over this and an insurance company is gonna wish they hadn’t written that malpractice policy.  Yikes!


We are approaching Peak Retard, people. In fact…fuck it, I think we’re there.

If you got a weird text yesterday, try to recall what you did on Valentine’s Day to the person who sent it. And then go weep in a corner like the betas in this story did.

GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!!! Suck it, Golden State.

This is how Ladies Week ends. I hope y’all enjoyed it.

That’s it for me, friends. Hope you have a great Friday and a better weekend.