Am I the only one who feels like a fat fuck? Did everyone enjoy their Halloween? Maybe snacked on your leftover candy or your kid’s candy? Good. It’s goal setting time.

“But Chafed” you say, “I’m full of Halloween candy, I’m going to eat like a pig at Thanksgiving, and then there are office parties leading up to Christmas. Don’t even get me started on New Years Eve.” Look, I know you are a bunch of gluttonous, drunkards but you have to start some time. So, we are starting now.

Pick a goal that you will report back on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. What do you want to accomplish in four weeks? It can be anything: weight loss, distance run, amount of weight lifted, etc. Go with whatever works for you.

I told you last week that I’ve doing been AthleanX for the last two years. True confession time. It’s set up as a three-month program. At the end of each month you test. If you pass, then you go on to the next month. If you fail, then you repeat the month. Rinse and repeat.

I was seriously out of shape when I started. It was not uncommon for me to curse under my breath at myself, “you old, fat fuck.” I couldn’t even finish the test for Month 1 the first time I took it. That was sobering. Anyway, I tested for Month 3 last weekend and failed. My goal is to pass next time. Passing means doing 12 sets of the following in less than 25 minutes:

10 Burpee Pushups

10 Kettlebell Swings

10 Inverted Rows

10 V-Up Russian Twists

I need to cut off a lot time if I’m going to pass.

Here is where goal setting comes in for me. Having a time limit on when I’m going to accomplish this forces me to focus on what I need to do to prepare. My lats are my weak point and additional ab work will be helpful.

Having a time sensitive goal also makes each day critical. I was supposed to exercise 5 days this week. I’ll be in the gym Saturday night in order to get 4 in. What can I say? It was a tough week at work but I’m gutting it out instead of making an excuse not to go.

So, Glibbroads and Glibboys what will you publicly commit to for the Sunday after Thanksgiving?

P.S. No clever Babylon 5 links because Nephilium hasn’t commented on a single one. *sobs into pillow*