Another year, another successful holiday passing without another inane controversy.  But what am I saying?

This is my review of Clown Shoes Undead American Imperial Stout.

Evidently, Trump joked the turkey he pardoned kept his cool, even under threat of subpoena from Rep. Adam Schiff.

“It seems the Democrats are accusing me of being too soft on turkey,” Mr. Trump said, turning to the birds. “But Bread and Butter, I should note that unlike previous witnesses, you and I have actually met. It’s very unusual.”

President Taft pardoned exactly zero turkeys. Bring it fact check clowns!

Which was a joke.  Clearly, it was a joke.

The pardoning of a turkey however is one of the more benign presidential traditions.  While the holiday itself is credited with Washington declaring a day of thanksgiving, the first turkey was pardoned by Lincoln.  According to lore, Lincoln’s son Tad befriended a turkey, whom he named Jack, destined to become Christmas dinner. Tad pleaded for Jack’s life and the tradition of pardoning a turkey was born.  Of course, the tradition itself was to send a turkey for the president to eat, and quite frankly thats what most of them did.

Once pardoned, the turkeys live the high life as far as a farm fowl is concerned.  Some live out their days at petting zoos, avoid being massacred at Virginia Tech, or even standing in as a grand marshal for parades at Disney while their cousins are smoked and sold to tourists.  Some animal rights activists are not fond of the tradition, since these turkeys are farm fowl and are bred specifically to get fat and be eaten.  Their joints are not up to the task of a long life as a fat bird and keeping them alive is therefore cruel.  Then of course, there are the vegans…

The trend of sparing a turkey’s life publicly is credited to Kennedy.  The joke was on Kennedy, because Marylin Monroe killed herself and the bird outlived them both. Perhaps Oswald was a vegan?

This beer though, woof.  You are greeted with whiff of straight booze, followed by burned chocolate and coffee.  Its like a traditional Irish lunch, with the only thing missing is the fish and chips. Clown Shoes Undead American Imperial Stout 4.1/5