There are a lot of long answers in this one, that’s because to get the letters I needed to spell out the author and title I had to use a longer quote than is usual for acrostics, I also tried to limit the number of clues to under 26 but that proved to difficult and I ended up using the authors full name to make everything jibe. That’s why there are symbol not letter designations for the last 5 clues. Also during final assembly I realized that I had made an almost fatal error, I managed to salvage the puzzle, but the last clue is fugly and Clue S is a name that is usually not initialized, unlike H.G. Wells or R.L. Burnside, but to make it work I had to go that route. It’s only one initial then the full last name. Gender Traitor graciously offered to beta test this one but since she may be the only person who worked the last one I figured I’d go it alone again, I’m still going to blame her for any errors however. And lastly, to keep these from just being vanity projects I have used a Liberty related quote I expect all of you to discuss the meaning and implications of the quote down in the comments. Entertainment only…no gambling…have fun…we’re all counting on you…across all obstacles…






Music to solve Acrostics by