So you decided to buy a kite and have fun like Yusef, but where to start….


Let’s start with a nice little single line kite, $5 on eBay, pocket size, comes with line and handle.

Wendy’s kite:


I bought a kite reel to better run the single, it is Wendy’s kite, so I made it easy.


200 meters of low stretch line, with a brake. You can hang on to it or set a stake in the ground, and enjoy it while prepping your next kite….


 Welcome to Deltas

I was short of money, what’s new, so instead of a Ferrari kite, I grabbed two cheap Delta kites for the #1 Grandson and I, set up some new lines and went out. 20+ mph winds, I set up and Bang! the thing took off like a rocket, way too fast at first, then my lessons took over and I had an exciting flight with a good landing. The thing made an awesome, spooky sound as it flew, which adds to the drama. The next day we went out in 5-10 mph winds and the delta flew just as well in light winds as heavy, a nice feature.



The easy part, get some Mason line at the hardware store in the color of your choice, try to buy at least 200 feet, it’s cheap, this will be your kite line. I had some half-inch PVC pipe and conduit to make handles with.

Yes, that’s Paracord, good stuff for this, so I made my own, but straps and bars are an option.


A stake is important, you need to secure your control lines so your kite doesn’t take off without you, usually a line between your controls. Believe me, it’s a good thing, a tent stake from Wally World works well.

Oh yeah, the Arsenal.

1 Delta, 48″ Wingspan

2 parafoils 70″ws and 102″ws

1 single line parafoil,24″ws

5 dual Line sets@ 82 ft long

1 kite reel at 200m long

various handles and Paracord

Total cost $85 and it all fits in a $5 soft cooler from Walmart.


Great Yusef, but how do you actually do it?

YouTube. Wanna fly Deltas? Watch  this video

Parafoils? 4 line or 2? Check this out.

And always look for kite festivals, usually in warm weather, but they are amazing to see. 

Last, here’s one of my flights, shot with my phone strapped to my hat, no GoPro. 

A Gallery 

All of my kites are cheap Chinese knockoffs for now, but they are cheap and fly great! Give it a try!