My wife took the kids to her mom’s house today, while I stay home to work. I will join them Wednesday afternoon. Kids are off school because, I guess school teachers didn’t get enough paid vacation? I can’t wait for President Kamala Harris to make sure schools are open every day I have to work. So, this basically means I’ll be buying flights of beers all afternoon and taste-testing each and every beer at the greatest nanobrewery in America. I will miss my kids… sometime around tomorrow evening. My wife I’ll miss tonight.

It’s deer season up north, and you know what that means — time to settle some family scores.

Trump honors hero dog at White House. “Dogs… are dirty. Lots of germs, not clean. But this dog is the best of dogs. Great… dog.” I mean, just look at this.

Maybe the US could just sell popcorn to the Israelis and stay the fuck out of this? I would like for Trump to repeat the same words that launched Glibertarians… “too local”

I’m pretty sure Florida Man could shoot and eat his way out of this problem.