Looks like they’re for real.

Looks like that boat-rowing thing is for real after all.  And so is Lovie! The Buckeyes did what they do to everybody this year (without the best defensive player in the NCAA being sidelined because the powers that be are fucked in the head), and Bama was finally exposed after playing a team with a pulse. I’m interested to see how the CFP shuffles the deck after some untested teams were finally tested and after Bama lost to the only ranked team they’ve faced all year to this point.

In the NFL, there were a couple big upsets, including the Chefs going down.  The Dolphins actually won a game, meaning the Bungles are officially the worst team around (edit: after the Ravens beat them like so many others have done this year). The Browns won, which will pull a few people off suicide watch. And the Steelers keep grinding and actually sit in a wild card spot. Which is just amazing to me.

Pep telling the fourth official how many goals he lost by

Oh yeah, and Liverpool thrashed Man City to put a stranglehold on the PL. Arsenal are circling the drain and Chelski and Leicester keep impressing.  Last international break of the year coming up now. Let’s see what new low the USMNT can reach during it.

“Hey Kurt, you read lips? Fuck you!”

Fyodor Dosteyevsky was born on this day.  He shares it with General George Patton, medical pioneer Joseph Hamilton, writer (and actor) Kurt Vonnegut, scumbag politician Barbara Boxer, corrupt politician Corinne Brown, golfer and bad joke-maker Fuzzy Zoeller, actress Demi Moore, underrated actor Stanley Tucci, and actor and exclusive dater of women under 25 Leonardo DiCaprio.

OK, now let’s see what the world has going on with…the links!

Giant asshole Peter King (R-NY)

Warmonger, IRA apologist, and fan of the government controlling our lives will not seek reelection. Gee, what a shame.  Hopefully he spends his golden years doing something more productive with his time. Like emptying bedpans at a VA hospital he and his ilk have filled with way too many people.

Since so few people have voluntarily complied with New Zealand’s gun turn-in program, the government are set to just abandon due process and privacy rights. I’m curious to see if the Kiwis will stand for this or if they’ll buckle under like the Aussies did.

Jesus, hasn’t this family suffered enough already? My heart goes out to them. And I pray they’ll receive justice in the form of that cop going away for a very, very long time. Come on Texas jury. Keep your streak of holding cops accountable intact.

The GOP want Hunter Biden and others to testify in the impeachment “inquiry” hearings. Schiff has already said he won’t allow a few key figures to testify in the public hearings because it would be “redundant”.  Let’s see what he says about the former VP’s cokehead son at the center of the controversy.

Sacre bleu!

I kept trying to come up with a clever way to link this. But you’ll have to give me a hand coming up with one. I am honestly stumped but the story was so freaking weird I had to link it knowing that y’all will create a gaze-worthy stream of puns in the comments.

As the Supreme Court weighs DACA, the plaintiff in the case gives his thoughts. You know, there’s a simpler solution to the whole mess: Congress can stop abdicating their responsibilities on the issue to the executive branch (and changing EOs with changing administrations), and do their job writing actual legislation.

I don’t have a musical theme for the week just yet. I hope to come up with one. But the week starts with this gem. Hope you enjoy.

That’s it, friends.  Thank a veteran for all they’ve done if you get a chance. And have a great day.