I turned fiddy this month and was thinking about things that I’ve always avoided because I sucked at them.  Sketching is a huge weak point, so I decided to try and improve as much as I can over a month.  I’m not going to classes or anything.  I’m just going to watch YouTube videos and visit other websites to see what tips I can add to my arsenal.  Why not join me?  Saying you can’t because you are terrible is not much of an excuse given it’s not about how good you are.  It’s about what you can pick up in your free time over a month.



Choose a pic or something real that you can sketch again in a month.

Spend no more than 45 minutes sketching it as well as you can.

Use online or other resources to improve.

Do the same sketching again in a month.  (30 days as of this posting)


The only thing I ask is that you post your first attempt in the comments here.  Even if the thread is dead and you’re a couple days or weeks late, plop it in the comments.   When the month is up, we’ll do another write up and have you post your pictures in the comments.  Even better, if you can send your pics to TPTB before the posting, we can put your pics up top for all to see without clicking.

Here are some of my attempts for the first sketch.  Hope I get better, cuz ugh….  A mouth, nose and eye.