OverRated: The Week in College Football Polls

Clean up your Messes Edition


It’s time to strike camp, pay our debts, and get out of town!  It’s


Week Eleven Most OverRated Football Program Results


1          Minnesota was not stomped by Penn State

2          Oregon was idle

I got nothing (except that SMU rant from last week which I absolutely stand by).



Things are going easy for the Committee since both Bama and Penn State fell on their swords.

  1. Ohio State made soup of the Terps
  2. LSU bested Bama at Bama
  3. Alabama hung 41 on LSU but lost anyway
  4. Penn State was upset at Minnesoda
  5. Clemson smoked a pack-o-Wolves at NCSU
  6. Georgia toyed with Mizzou


not SMU chicks

Unsolicited memoir:  I was told I was going to a single UGA sorority soirée over the weekend but got suckered into three, three I tellsya soiréeauxeses.  Tickets were row 13 about dead midfield:  I had a better view than ESPN.  It was pretty near freezing as the game ended, which is fine, but the whole point of going to an SEC game is to take in shorts-n-skirts season:  oh well, a certain sort of squandering of a trip to Athens unless you’re into impotent Tigers.


But the Committee doesn’t care about that; they had a list to update . . . thus:

  1. LSU is set for Atlanta
  2. Ohio State has Penn State and Michigan before getting to Indy
  3. Clemson is sharpening their skates, waiting for the pond to freeze
  4. Georgia has Auburn before Atlanta
  5. Alabama needs too much help at this point
  6. Oregon can make a statement against the Utes


College Football Playoff Oughta Be

Big Ten        Ohio State might see Minnesoda in the championship

SEC                LSU need only handle aTm and Auburn to meet UGA in the championship

ACC                Clemson is pretty much done with the regular season

PAC64             Oregon lost to Auburn, a team UGA could well beat for its third quality win

Big XII            Oklahoma struggled to edge TCU and closed the books on itself for the year


Silly Loser Ordination

Alabama                       best one-loss              team in the nation

Wisconsin                    best two-loss              team in the nation

Iowa                              best three-loss          team in the nation

Washington                 best four-loss             team in the nation

Michigan State            best five-loss              team in the nation

South Carolina            best six-loss               team in the nation

Tulsa                             best seven-loss            team in the nation

Northwestern              best eight-loss            team in the nation

Rice                               best nine-loss            team in the nation

Texas Southern           only ten-loss              team in the nation


Second CFP Week N + 1 Most OverRated Football Programs

 1          Minnesota was not stomped by Penn State and rockets beyond their pay grade

2          Utah  re-enters the fray but won’t play anyone until Oregon in the Pacific punch-out

3          Georgia re-enters our list after their sudden CFP promotion; remember that they lost to South Carolina who has since lost to Ap State

4          Oregon was idle and is probably not overrated to speak of anymore


Honorable Mentions

Things have settled more or less where they belong, so there’s not much to say here.

Toldjaso™ Boise State buoys in the competency vacuum but plays no one for the rest of the year.

Kansas State plummeted after losing to Texas, but I just didn’t have the guts last week to say they were truly overrated; send their files to the basement already.

Formerly-nailed Appalachian State jumped into the rankings, but there’s no real test for them left, so I’m not arguing with the Committee down past two dozen spots.

Psuedotoldjasos:  Already-called Wake Forest and SMU finally fell plumb out of the rankings; we wish to hear their names no more.


Year to Date Hides on the Wall

1          Georgia lost at home to the second-best team from South Carolina that almost lost to UNC

         Utah lost to an unrated USC but seems to be coming back

2          Stanford was revealed by USC

2          Syracuse was unranked after Maryland

2          Michigan was blown out by Wisconsin

2          Notre Dame sold off after losing to a highly ranked Georgia

7          UCF was edged by an unranked Pitt and continues to muddle

7          Iowa was no number 15 as Michigan proved

7          Wake Forest allowed Louisville to hang 62 on them

7          Cal was dumped from the AP after losing to Arizona State

11        Boise State lost by three to toothless BYU

11        Iowa State was dethroned before their decent showing against Iowa

11        Memphis lost to possibly 80th best team in the nation Temple and disappeared for a while

11        SMU lost at Memphis fell eight places

15        Michigan State slowly fell out of the ratings, so I was right after all

15        Clemson was dethroned by barely edging Mack Brown retirement project UNC

15        Texas lost to OU (mid-season toldjasos™) and has continued to suck and plummet

15        Texas probably over-paid for losing to titan LSU (early-season toldjasos™), but then they let Kansas hang 48 on them at home

15        Appalachian State got a case of the Statesboro Blues and fell over six slots

20        Auburn over-paid for losing to Florida

20        Texas A&M probably over-paid for quality losses against Clemson and Auburn . . . or maybe not

20        Washington State was de-ranked after becoming lowly UCLA’s first win

20        Virginia continues to lose after losing to can-play-with-UGA Notre Dame

24        Oklahoma lost to Kansas State . . . inexcusable

25        San Diego State didn’t make the Committee’s list at all


Year to Date It-Would-Seem Blown Calls Because They’re Doing Okay Really Well

1          LSU (that was a typo or something, I swear)

2          Florida seems to have earned their status by defeating top-ten Auburn

3          Oklahoma is no longer a blown call because Kansas State

4          UCF is now a skin on the wall after Pitt

5          Michigan is no longer a blown call because Wisconsin

6          Washington State is no longer a blown call because UCLA


Our year now stands at 25 2 – 4.  The week endeth thus!



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