This has been quite the eventful week Chez SP/OMWC. We’ve had wall-to-wall excitement. I wish I could remember some of it, though I do have some fleeting memories of a Gray wielding an anal probe, as well as a delightful football game which ended with a heartwarming moment. Eventually I’ll remember where this tattoo came from.

There are, however, some birthdays that I haven’t forgotten, including the Dr. Frankenstein of the utility monster; the One True Penguin; the voice of many childhoods; a fantastically over-rated singer who would even fuck Elvis Costello; and the Father of the Blues, definitely NOT over-rated.

News is next.


Here’s how judges can manage to shred two constitutional rights at once. Of course, we already posted those plans, as have many others. You want to do impeachments? Start with Robert Lasnik. Really, a woodchipper would be more appropriate, but getting gross abusers of the constitution like that asshole off the bench is a reasonable compromise, if not as viscerally satisfying.


A veritable creampie of sincerity.


A class act, all the way. Not that he’s wrong, of course.


“And I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for that meddlesome mother-in-law!” I do sincerely hate both of them.


No fucking kidding.


OK, I was wrong. But I have the consolation of sweet, sweet salty tears.


Really, this is a strategy that needs some serious re-thinking.


After all, the fourth “F” is “forget ’em.”


“Heeeeeeere’s Johnny!”


UPDATE: Goddammit, they found my orphan stash.



Old Guy Music features the winner of the Greta Thunberg Lookalike Contest. Ripping up the fretboard, though.