Someone challenged me to make an acrostic (or maybe they just asked if I thought I could, I took that as a challenge either way) so here it is. For those of you not familiar with these puzzles this is how they work –  The main grid is a quote, the line directly below that is the author (always contains last name, first or initials of first are sometimes included) and the title of the work quoted, also that line sets the number of clues and the first letter of each clue’s answer. The letters of the quote make up the answers to the clues, the little numbers and letters in the top corners of the squares are for cross referencing purposes. Often the answers are thematically connected to the quote although not always straight forwardly, para ejemplo, if the quote is from a Sherlock Holmes story, one answer might be WATSON but it would be clued “Tom who won 8 golfing majors in the 70’s and 80’s”. For what its worth I found this to be easier to make than the standard crossword puzzle, finding a quote that contains the requisite letters to spell out the author and title with out being too long might be the hardest part, scrambling up the letters to make all the answers was far easier than filling a crossword grid. That said since I couldn’t find an acrostic building program I had to do this ‘by hand’ and that was a bit of a pain in the ass, also because of that I have no interactive version, your stuck saving the image below and printing it out or opening it in paint or something. Remember this is for entertainment purposes only, please no wagering. Good luck, we’re all counting on you. And as always enjoy.





No beta tester again but I’m going to blame I. B. McGinty for any errors this time

Also Music to do Acrostics to.