Swiss Rage Quit at BGG CON


Back from BGG CON and fantastic TX BBQ. By the time these links Post, I should be at the hospital getting my third and final cortisone shot for my worthless C7 disc crushed nerves. And then tomorrow I get to go from work to see Mom moved over from acute rehab care to longer term rehab/assisted living. I am so busy…waaaa!

You worthless whiner! Get on your face and give me 30…now!

Poor me – I have access to the best medicine in the world. 200 years ago, I would have been an angry laudanum addict or such instead. Mom and Dad have access to wonderful help and facilities, instead of sitting in a rocking chair and croaking. STOP FOOKIN’ WHINGIN’ YE GIT!

There, much better. Now that I am focused, on to Links!

  • Maybe sudden wealth for some people is…not optimal. I know for a fact, everyone that reads this here site could easily handle that kind of money…right?
  • Evidence of our corruption shows how well we are doing at stopping corruption!!! But seriously….how does a faith group go from ‘anywhere two believers gather is my house’ to having a police force, a Financial Information Authority (AIF), and a Secretariat of State? *Sigh*
  • Wait….how dare (((they))) ask him to admit error! Shocking! Next up, American Jews might start realizing TEAM BLUE really are not their friends. Well, maybe not today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.

Have at you, in the comments!